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Simplifying and Maximising the Medical Insurance Journey

With rapidly-growing digital adoption, managing operational workflows to achieve optimised business processes while improving customer engagement has become more important than ever in the medical insurance business.

A pressing business imperative for the medical industry is a one-stop solution to raise business productivity, improve risk valuations, enhance workforce efficiency, and enable better claims management.

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Product Highlights

Beyontec Suite the core insurance solution for Medical Insurance operates across multiple product lines such as group medical insurance, individual medical insurance, hospital cash plans, and related lines, as well as multiple distribution channels including online portals, kiosks, mobile applications and insurance brokers.

Cloud Based Solutions

Keep up with shifting business trends with a core solution that is highly secure and scalable.

Individual and Group Business

Add new products, modify existing products and ratings, or retire any existing product. Define standard and optional benefits, sub-benefits and treatments, deductibles, co-pay, and co-insurance to each plan or product.

Workflow Driven Solutions

A future-ready, workflow-driven insurance system with the ability to create and manage business processes and work queues dynamically, ensuring SLA adherence.

Pre-configured Products

The suite comes with 60+ pre-configured plans for Medical Insurance business making it easy to launch new plans and modify existing plans to market needs.

Automated Rating Engine

Beyontec Suite’s comprehensive rating engine allows insurers to configure their own ratings across plans or products to arrive at the best premium rates.

Business Rule Engine

The intuitive business rules engine of the suite allows insurer to configure both simple and complex rules definition using business-like terms for specific business needs and to meet regulatory norms.

Pricing Tool

Empower your customer-facing executives to generate exclusive plans and quotations in real-time, with high levels of accuracy, to win the corporate business.

Regulatory Reporting

The suite captures ICD 9/10 codes and is compliant with DHA, AAD, SAMA, CCHI, and MOF regulations and reporting needs.

Service Provider Portal

Beyontec suite facilitates secured access for all service providers, online to access policy details, pre-auth status, claim requests and reimbursements.

TPA Integration

The Beyontec suite come with set of pre-built APIs to easy integrate with any TPA’s systems for real-time submission and processing of claims and settlements.

Provider Management

Define, organise, track, and digitalise various multi-level processes with providers and channels increasing transparency of operations while reducing costs.

Notes & Diary

The Notes and Diary module helps keep track of the entire policy and claims history. It also sets follow-ups, shows existing notes and diaries with the newest at the top along with the subject, the originator, and the follow-up dates.

Customer Independence

The in-built configuration tools in the suite are designed to make the customer independent. The suite empowers insurers to create and change products, workflows, rating, and business rules eliminating the dependence on external teams.

Unlock the Beyontec Suite advantage to digitally transform your Medical Insurance operations.

Modules of Beyontec Suite