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With customers becoming more demanding and less forgiving when it comes to service quality and claims processing speed, a digital ecosystem of interconnected partners and suppliers including insurers, garages, salvage companies, fleet owners, auto spare parts companies, is becoming the norm in the insurance industry for effectively managing motor claims. By automating tasks related to the garage, insurance companies are able to improve the overall efficiency of motor claims management and provide customers with real-time information and status of motor repairs.

Platform Highlights

SaaS Platform

Cloud Based Platform

  • As an on-demand platform it is easy to implement, highly secure and can be integrated with any core insurance system of insurers.

Online Access to All Constituents

Online Access to All Constituents

  • The platform integrates all parties associated with a motor repair – garages, insureds, and insurance companies in a single platform for better collaboration and process efficiency.

o Transparent Tender Processing

Transparent Tender Processing

  • The platform helps insurers to maintain absolute transparency in the process of allocating repairs to garages in the network, while cutting down the fraudulent practices associated with the manual process of allocating the work to garages.

Automated Invoice and Payment Settlement

Automated Invoice and Payment Settlement

  • Streamline the quotation, invoicing and payment settlement process using the platform. Eliminate discrepancies and fraud in invoicing, and generate statement of accounts for the garage in real-time.

Easy Onboarding and Management of Garages

The platform is available on-demand and needs no additional software to be implemented which makes it easy for onboarding garages into it.

Detailed Vehicle Damage Information to Garages

Garages will get real-time access to information on vehicle damage as filed in the surveyor report. They will also have access to supporting images and videos, which will allow the garage to assess the repair more accurately and submit the best quote online.

Garage Panel Configuration by Insurers

To make the selection process easier for insurers by classifying garages based on location, quality of service, price etc…the platform allows insurers to select and group multiple garages to create a preferred garage panel for work allocation.

Spare Parts Price List Management

To cut down fraudulent practices in quotation and invoicing for insurers, and to ensure availability of spare parts for garages, the platform maintains the spare parts inventory and price list for easy reference.

Automatic Reminder for Tender Submission

Insurance companies can set reminders for tender submission to the assigned garages which ensures the interested garages don’t miss out in the tendering process.

Paperless Processing

The end-to-end process of motor repair is paperless and no-touch. The fully automated workflow and process will ensure better service levels and higher customer satisfaction.

In-built Document Management System

The in-built document management feature accommodates multiple document types such as PDF, MS Excel, .wav etc., which can be stored and managed in a highly secured setup.

Real-time Dashboard

Review new, in-progress and completed work using the real-time dashboard feature of the platform. The insurance company can monitor progress of work and alert the garage if they slip on the SLAs.

Artificial Intelligence

Rank the garages based on customer reviews using AI and data analytics. This will help improve the overall quality of service across garages and will help in selecting the ideal garage for new orders.

Easy Response to Tender

Reduce cost, time and maintain absolute transparency in the process of allocating repairs to garages in the network with online response to tender quotes.

Aggregate garages and their services using the cutting-edge Beyontec Garage Management Platform.

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