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The process of intra-company claims recovery is deterred by many challenges – the massive volume of claims data to be handled, highly manual and time-consuming procedures with extensive paperwork and courier exchanges, non-transparent process with minimal communication between individuals who represent respective insurance companies, lack of visibility on claim status and long reconciliation timeframes just to name a few.

Seamless reconciliation of outstanding recoveries is a vital performance parameter and an important financial indictor that determines the overall profitability of an insurance company.

Platform Highlights

Beyontec’s claims recovery platform solution is the most comprehensive and easy-to-deploy solution available for insurance companies. This ready-to-start platform will enable insurers in the region to minimise missed recovery opportunities, reduce loss costs, and solve the long pending claims recovery reconciliation challenges.

SaaS Platform

Cloud Based Platform

  • It is an easy to implement, highly secure platform that can be integrated with any core insurance system of insurers.

o Real-Time Access to All Constituents

Real-time Recovery Claims Reconciliation

  • It is designed to help insurers connect, review and process outstanding recoveries posted against and for by third-party insurer, in real-time making the process fully transparent, faster and efficient.

o Real-Time Validation on Insurance Coverage

Real-time Validation of Policy Details

  • The platform connects with systems on both sides to access policy data in real-time reducing the time taken to validate and extract relevant information by the processing insurer.

o End-to-End Digital Platform

Reduce Claims Recovery Processing Time

  • All communication exchanges between insurers and third-party insurers are online minimising manual interventions while providing complete transparency and efficiency in the process.

Real-time Access to Insurers

The platform is an ecosystem for all insurers to connect and do business in real-time. The digital nature of the platform allows insurers to plug in to the platform for instant connectivity with other insurers in the ecosystem.

Real-time Notification to TP Insurer

The intelligent workflow engine will manage the claim request, right from claims recovery request until it is settled. Third-party insurers can track recovery stages using historical data.

Reconciliation of Information

The platform is designed to help insurers connect, review and process outstanding recoveries posted against and for by third-party insurer, in real-time making the reconciliation process seamless and automatic.

Rule-based Automated Recovery

Universal automatic thresholds can be defined by insurance companies or set insurance company specific thresholds to avoid manual intervention and approve claims automatically.

Centralised Platform

Streamline intra-company claims recovery settlements in a transparent, efficient, and real-time basis.

Secured Platform

Platform has powerful authentication tools and microservices, and comes with multiple levels of firewalls with data encryption and SSL protection for web use.

Dynamic and Real-time Dashboards

Key dashboards and operational reports will allow insurers to view and generate information as and when necessary for claims payable and claims receivable.

Audit Trail and History Maintenance

The platform maintains historical data of all transactions which is time stamped for each entry. This process of record keeping aids in compliance and eliminates misunderstanding in communications.

Paperless Processing

The entire process, starting with the claim’s notification right up until claims settlement and reconciliation is done digitally.

Threshold-based Auto Approval

Universal automatic thresholds can be defined by insurance companies to approve claims of a certain nature, automatically. This not only saves time and frees up the resources but also helps in maintaining high claims recoveries.

In-built Document Management System

The in-built document management feature accommodates multiple document types such as PDF, MS Excel, .wav etc., which can be stored and managed in a highly secured setup.

Global Search

The global search features of the platform allow users to instantly retrieve the claim information based on search keywords. The platform will also search for contents within documents associated with the search keywords.

Get real-time access to manage your claims recovery journey.

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