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Achieve Superior Business Efficiency and Ensure Customer Delight

Beyontec Suite is a comprehensive solution that meets the specific requirements of Life Insurance companies enabling superior and seamless administration and management across various life insurance products.

The suite comes with extensive developed market experience and has incorporated the global best practices into all solutions it offers to life insurance companies.

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Product Highlights

With Beyontec Suite, insurers can streamline their business processes, improve customer service, ensure regulatory compliance, and manage distribution channels. The suite comes with simplified configuration tools that make your business teams independent and minimise the launch period for new products.

Cloud Based Solutions

Keep up with shifting business trends with a core solution that is highly secure and scalable.

Individual and Group Life

An integrated solution to manage various products and classes of Individual and Group Life - from term or whole life, to unit-linked, retirement, or living benefit products such as critical illness or long-term care policies.

Workflow Driven Solutions

A future-ready, workflow-driven insurance system with the ability to create and manage business processes and work queues dynamically, ensuring SLA adherence.

Pre-configured Products

The suite comes with 20+ pre-configured products for Life Insurance business, making it easy to launch new products and adapt existing products to market needs.

Market-driven Products

Simplified configuration and set-up features of the suite allows business teams to configure new products quickly and reduce the go-to-market timeline while limiting the dependency on IT support.

Automated Rating Engine

The comprehensive rating engine of the suite allows insurers to configure their own ratings across all products, to arrive at the best premium quotes.

Business Rule Engine

The intuitive business rules engine of the suite allows insurers to configure both simple and complex rules’ definition using business-like terms for specific business needs and to meet regulatory norms.

SLA-based Response

The suite enables effective administration and management of a wide range of life insurance products based on pre-defined SLAs.

In-built Document Management System

Store all insured related documents in a centralised repository to become paperless, while significantly reducing call times between policy handlers and claim handlers, with instant access to related information.

User-based Work Baskets

The integrated work basket of the suite allows insurers to define, configure and set permissions for select processes that need to be managed by specific users, to meet the required SLAs.

Customer Centric Solutions

By integrating and streamlining processes, the suite provides a single view of each policyholder, including personal details, policy premiums, dues, claims details, and receipts.

Claims Fraud Prevention and Detection

The data driven analytics, workflows and rules engine feature of the suite is a reliable and effective way to protect your business from claims fraud leakages.

Notes & Diary

The Notes and Diary module helps keep track of the entire policy and claims history. It also sets follow-ups, shows existing notes and diaries with the newest at the top along with the subject, the originator, and the follow-up dates.

Unlock the Beyontec Suite advantage to digitally transform your Life Insurance operations.

Modules of Beyontec Suite