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Keeping customers happy is critical to the long-term success of the insurance industry. With multiple avenues for customers to interact, the industry understands the direct relationship between customer satisfaction and customer retention. While the industry has greatly accelerated the trend to go digital by embracing an expanded digital approach, it also opened up new avenues for customer dissatisfaction and loyalty switch. For the industry to overcome the challenges posed by the digital disconnections with customers, efficient feedback systems should be put in place to resolve issues and meet compliance.

Platform Highlights

The Beyontec Customer Feedback Platform is a tool that can be used and implemented across all insurers and integrated with the insurance association’s system to manage any customer feedback online and in real-time. The platform allows reception and redressal of complaints or feedbacks posted by policyholders, enabling prompt actions by insurers on issues raised by them, improving overall customer services.

Online Access to All Constituents

Centralised Platform

  • The online customer feedback platform provides a more robust and transparent way to successfully capture and address the true state of the customer feedback.

SaaS Platform

Cloud Based Platform

  • As an on-demand platform it is easy to implement, highly secure and can be integrated with any core insurance system of insurers.

Standardise the Data Gathering Process

Monitor and Rate the Best Customer Supporting Insurer

  • The platform enables the insurance association to establish service quality levels and allows them to track and acknowledge the best customer-oriented insurer in the region, encouraging healthy competition.

Consolidated Industry Performance Reports

Provide Access to Insureds to Register Feedback

  • The platform provides direct access for the policyholders to register online complaints and feedback against a particular insurer or in general, that will allow the Association to monitor remedial actions taken or mediate a resolution.

Integrates with Insurance Association Websites

The platform is cloud-based and easy to integrate with any insurance association website.

Real-Time Alerts to Customers and Insurers

The in-built workflow accurately captures feedback in real-time and automatically sends acknowledgement to the customer and notifies the concerned insurer for their action.

Real-time Dashboard for Each Insurer

The dashboard feature of the platform provides real-time data on the number of customer issues, resolutions, satisfaction scores and many other pertinent data that is relevant for monitoring customer satisfaction levels.

Real-time Dashboard for Insurance Association

The insurance association can monitor the overall management of customer feedbacks by the respective insurers, ensure adherence to service level SLAs.

Response Monitoring and Escalation Matrix

The platform allows the Association to configure the SLAs for the industry and ensure that it is followed by the members. The Association can step-in where the resolution needs involvement or where the SLAs are not met.

Secured Platform

The platform has powerful authentication tools and microservices, and comes with multiple levels of firewalls with data encryption and SSL protection for web use.

Audit Trail and History Maintenanc

The platform maintains historical data of all transactions which is time stamped for each entry. This process of record keeping aids in compliance and eliminates misunderstandings in communications.

Easy Access for Customers and Insureds

The platform provides authenticated, easy access to all associated customers of the networked insurance companies to register their feedback on the platform for faster resolution.

Multi Lingual

The platform is multi-lingual to accommodate regional or language preferences of users, making it an acceptable interface for customers.

Build trust and retain customers with improved customer experiences.

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