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Gain real-time insights to drive business performance and take optimal decisions. Improve executive insight, enhance operational efficiency, evaluate customer service and meet regulatory reporting requirements. Monitor the performance of insurance products or branches and maximise profitability by analysing data from across multiple functions.

Module Highlights

Each feature of the module provides the specific functionality needed to support the business, the way you want to, giving you the independence and freedom needed to run the business . The in-built features enable you to adapt to market trends and requirements with greater speed and agility.

Drill Down Reporting
Drill Down Reporting

Drill Down Reporting

A drill-down report allows the business user to access detailed information associated with a report element and helps them to analyse the data behind a summary value.
Pre-configured Reports
Pre-configured Reports

Pre-configured Reports

From statutory and financial reporting, to internal controls, and regulatory compliance, the suite simplifies complex insurance reporting to produce accurate reports which are needed for the company to make well-informed business decisions.
Automated Reporting
Automated Reporting

Automated Reporting

The system can automatically generate reports and email it to defined recipients based on pre-defined schedules, using the scheduler feature of the reporting module.

Parameterised Reporting

The parameterized report features allows business users to generate multiple versions of a report from a single template by customising certain aspects of the report before they are delivered to the appropriate users.

Regulatory Reporting

Simplify the demands of compliance reporting by capturing, consolidating, and reporting data in the appropriate reporting templates.

Extraction in Multiple Types

The suite offers easy to extract reports in DOC, PDF, XLS, HTML and TXT formats, making it easy to submit regulatory and boardroom reports on time and in the required format.

Summary and Detailed Reporting

Generate standard performance reports across different processes including payments, invoicing, compliance, profitability/loss ratios and many more.

Module based Reporting

Generate performance reports that reflect data across geographies, business units, LOB-wise and/or for a defined time period.

Ad-hoc Reporting

The suite comes with standard reports, but it can also be configured to generate ad-hoc reports, or reporting as per the user requirements.

User Defined Reports

Management or analytical reports can be generated for specific user or user group by configuring the reporting engine. Once generated, these reports can be saved for reuse or be saved as a new report template.

User Authority based Report Access

Define user profiles and report access criteria to ensure only the right user has access to the right reports.

Generate comprehensive reports to stay on top of your business.

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